This week begins my last semester at USF (and last semester researching for CREU). I’ve already met with Dr. Rosen three times to get the ball rolling on our next project. We’re adding on to our software of 0-D graph drawing tools by creating a tool for 1-Dimensional features. So far this month I’ve coded two graphs, one that takes in a point cloud with (x,y) coordinates, a persistence value, and birth/death cycle associated with every event. The second graph will be a replica of this first graph, but now I will randomly choose a starting point and perform a random walk on the graph (using a distance matrix against a randomly assigned epsilon value) to see if I can complete a cycle. Any time a successful walk occurs, I store the path with the nodes that were on it. These nodes then will eventually have a probability of occurring for a given cycle after running our random walk an ‘n’ number of times.

I’ve already made really great progress! This project is really, really interesting so far and it motivates me to code late into the night to get more results. Poor Dr. Rosen, I sent him a progress email at 3am the past two nights, but it’s MLK weekend so I’m trying to get a lot finished before the semester becomes chaotic. I’ve included a featured image of the visualization so far, but still a lot needs to be done. Once we have our random walks completed, we’ll use those features to make a graph drawing tool (similar to my 0d one) but the barcode will represent the 1d features. Until next time!

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