This week I’ve been working on creating two new classes that should make our code cleaner and faster. It feels a bit like restarting — digging through fine details of code I’ve written over the course of 5 months and figuring out how to not break it along the way. I should hopefully have this done by next week, and I’ll be able to start writing the paper for EuroVis.

We started an overleaf for the paper that I’m sharing with Dr. Rosen and Dr. Hajij, who are both kind enough to offer helping me edit my writing once I’ve done enough word vomiting. EuroVis has a specific format that I have to figure out how to do in LaTeX, which should be fun (heh heh).

All that remains is getting pictures of our work, testing new data sets to tell a good story, and the finishing touches of the UI. We finished implementing the coloring for bubble sets! I’ll post a nice picture next week. Super excited to get this paper finished before I send out applications to graduate school (which is approaching way too quickly). I’m too busy to keep writing!!

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