This is the final week of coding for our CREU project. Afterwards, I’ll begin my writing for our paper submission to EuroVis in December. Our schedule plan is something along the lines of:

10/31/17: Be done with code
11/1/17: Start writing
11/14/17: Finish writing/Get help from Rosen and Mustafa
12/6/17: Abstract due
12/13/17: Full paper due

All that’s left for coding is the finishing touches of when the bubble color sets pop up to the screen when a barcode is being hovered over. This past week I worked on moving over the barcode (found on the left side of our graph) to a new class where each bar from the barcode is an object, with attributes like set size, color, and mousePressed()/mouse() functionalities.

I finished submitting my nomination proposal to the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher award yesterday. CRA is the parent organization of CREU, the program funding my research with Dr. Rosen. There are only 4 winners chosen a year, but about 15 finalists/honorable mentions, so hopefully I’ll be included in that list!

I also begin my grad school applications this November. I already have a rough draft of my research and personal statement. I spoke with Leilanni from UofMaryland yesterday about the opportunities in her lab, next week I talk with Arvind at MIT, and the following week I speak with Tamara at UBC. It’s exciting to talk with these great professors about the work I’m doing for CREU!

This week’s featured picture is a photo from a test data set I use whenever I’m trying out new things in the code. This was a suggestion by Mustafa, Dr. Rosen’s postdoc who’s been working with me since the beginning of the summer. It’s surprisingly really helpful to figure out how things are working when I’m only working with 11 nodes instead of 80.

P.S. Shoutout to Delroy, thanks for checking out my blog each week! Congrats on your new position, by the way 😉

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