This will be a short post because most of the work I’m doing for the next two weeks (including this last week) is writing a rough draft of our paper. I finished up some last bits of coding, the only thing left to do is add the bubble color sets which I still can’t figure out!! (I really hate eclipse projects).. but hopefully after my meeting with Dr. Rosen on Tuesday I’ll have it finished.

This past week I made some minor changes to the graph layout: vertices are now 75% their original size and have a heavier mass, so they will take up less space on the screen. The edges are thinner and the barcode is also 60% its original size. I changed the barcode such that when a user is hovering over an individual bar, the border around is thicker than the other borders. When this bar is highlighted, the bubble color set will appear — showing which sets would get separated/split from the original minimum spanning tree. The last “aesthetic” feature I want to add is making edge lengths proportionally shorter, which hopefully I’ll have done by Tuesday.

Bei Wang, one of our collaborators from the University of Utah, gave us some great new datasets to use our project on. I’ll be testing these this week to use in the results section of our paper.

Tomorrow is my birthday! I am doing a short celebration then getting back to work (sadface) but after all these deadlines are finished, the real festivities begin!! I was also invited to visit the University of Arizona at the end of this month for their grad day, exciting! Arizona is definitely in my top 3 choices for PhD programs so I’m looking forward to seeing the campus.

Thanks for reading!

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