I thought I’d be done with coding by now, but there are still a few features left we’re trying to squeeze in. I finally got the bubble color sets working for when we’re hovering over the barcode. The nodes are separated into a set (shown in the feature image) based on how the graph will split if that particular bar is selected on the barcode. This allows us to have a peek of what feature we’d like to click on just by hovering! We also added hyperbolic zoom to the barcode so you can easily scroll through the barcode. We had to add this because for larger datasets (300+ nodes) it was pretty impossible to differentiate between individual bars. The last main feature I’m working on now is a slider which will collapse/simplify all features to the left of it. This is a technique used in persistent homology to smooth noise. We’re using it on our barcode so all bars that are a given length (if the slider is past them) will collapse the resulting birth/death event. I’d like to add an interactive legend to the top right of the interface, which will have the nodes shown by color and which group/label they belong to. All of this needs to happen (along with writing, finishing categorizing and researching the datasets to tell a story) before December 13th!! And I still have to do my applications for grad school!! I can’t think of a proper way to end, so wish me luck.

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