This week we fixed the barcode not being displayed properly. I ended up having to clean up the code inside processing quite a bit and moving most of it to our backend project on eclipse. Dr. Rosen likes to tell me that this is what good software engineering is, which I certainly see his point after all the adjustments I’ve had to make this semester. Before we fixed the barcode, the persistence/weight of the barcode was not being displayed properly (affecting the width of the barcode by making lower persistence/weighted bars the same width as other, higher persistence/weighted bars). Now our barcode is sorted two ways: first by persistence/weight, then secondly (if the persistence is equal for two bars) by the ratio of the sets split after selecting that bar. For instance, if selecting a feature splits the sets evenly 50/50 while another bar splits the sets 70/30, the 50/50 bar is displayed before the 70/30 bar as we believe this feature is more important than the other. Our paper is due 12/13 so the deadline is fast approaching!

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