This week I worked on adding pictures to our paper for our case studies/results section. I added some new datasets to test, but I’m currently working on categorizing it so we can group them based on an ID (for example: we have a football dataset that I can categorize based on region/country). I’ve been working on implementing the bubble color sets when a user is hovering over the barcode and sorting the persistence diagram by ratio. These features have been a lot harder than I anticipated, but they should be complete before the paper deadline!

I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so busy. The only comparable time is Spring 2016 when I was taking Physics 2, Programming Concepts, Vector Calculus, Linear Algebra, and Bridge to Abstract Mathematics at the same time. But at least all I had to do was study for exams and do homework — now I have to do all of that AND write a paper, AND work on two research projects, AND study for the GRE, AND apply to graduate schools, AND talk/skype with faculty. Sheesh.

This week’s featured image is from one of the new datasets I’ve been working with (a movies dataset that connects producers and directors). Next week I’ll have a new photo from the datasets I’ve cateogrized!

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