Just finished submitting my mid-term report for CREU. This past semester has been a great learning experience and working with Dr. Rosen ha s been — brace yourselves I’m about to be dramatic .. life-changing! Sometimes I can’t believe how prepared I feel for graduate school thanks to that guy! This semester I’m closing out with 3 A’s and 1 B. It’s not my best semester and I was hoping to finish my senior year with all A’s but unfortunately I was too busy to focus on my schoolwork 100%. That being said, I’ve finished all the coding for our project and we’re putting the final touches on our paper. I sat with Dr. Rosen in his office for nearly three hours while we coded up the slider and legend for the UI, it was an invaluable learning experience. He says he’ll start doing this more often with his students and I think it’s going to help a ton. I already feel much better about my coding from this past semester, but I think I learned more from that one three-hour session about programming than I have in other semester-long courses. When our paper is finished on the 13th, I will post the link on arXive here on my blog.

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