I thought I’d be done with coding by now, but there are still a few features left we’re trying to squeeze in. I finally got the bubble color sets working for when we’re hovering over the barcode. The nodes are separated into a set (shown in the feature image) based on how the graph will split if that particular bar is selected on the barcode. This allows us to have a peek of what feature we’d like to click on just by hovering! We also added hyperbolic zoom to the barcode so you can easily scroll through the barcode. We had to add this because for larger datasets (300+ nodes) it was pretty impossible to differentiate between individual bars. The[…]

This week I worked on adding pictures to our paper for our case studies/results section. I added some new datasets to test, but I’m currently working on categorizing it so we can group them based on an ID (for example: we have a football dataset that I can categorize based on region/country). I’ve been working on implementing the bubble color sets when a user is hovering over the barcode and sorting the persistence diagram by ratio. These features have been a lot harder than I anticipated, but they should be complete before the paper deadline! I don’t remember the last time I’ve been so busy. The only comparable time is Spring 2016 when I was taking Physics 2, Programming Concepts,[…]

This will be a short post because most of the work I’m doing for the next two weeks (including this last week) is writing a rough draft of our paper. I finished up some last bits of coding, the only thing left to do is add the bubble color sets which I still can’t figure out!! (I really hate eclipse projects).. but hopefully after my meeting with Dr. Rosen on Tuesday I’ll have it finished. This past week I made some minor changes to the graph layout: vertices are now 75% their original size and have a heavier mass, so they will take up less space on the screen. The edges are thinner and the barcode is also 60% its[…]