Just finished submitting my mid-term report for CREU. This past semester has been a great learning experience and working with Dr. Rosen ha s been — brace yourselves I’m about to be dramatic .. life-changing! Sometimes I can’t believe how prepared I feel for graduate school thanks to that guy! This semester I’m closing out with 3 A’s and 1 B. It’s not my best semester and I was hoping to finish my senior year with all A’s but unfortunately I was too busy to focus on my schoolwork 100%. That being said, I’ve finished all the coding for our project and we’re putting the final touches on our paper. I sat with Dr. Rosen in his office for nearly[…]

This week we decided to add a slider feature to our UI. This will better display a feature we had already implemented: collapsing low persistence nodes. The slider will correspond to the graph on the right side of the featured image. Here is a better picture: Points above the line are points that aren’t simplified and points below are those that get simplified, based on persistence. This line will be represented by our slider, and all bars to the left of the slider will collapse corresponding nodes. I already have half the slider implemented, but the full functionality I’ll hopefully have done by next week. Here is what it looks like so far, with updated barcode: Right now nothing is[…]

This week we fixed the barcode not being displayed properly. I ended up having to clean up the code inside processing quite a bit and moving most of it to our backend project on eclipse. Dr. Rosen likes to tell me that this is what good software engineering is, which I certainly see his point after all the adjustments I’ve had to make this semester. Before we fixed the barcode, the persistence/weight of the barcode was not being displayed properly (affecting the width of the barcode by making lower persistence/weighted bars the same width as other, higher persistence/weighted bars). Now our barcode is sorted two ways: first by persistence/weight, then secondly (if the persistence is equal for two bars) by[…]