Part of what we’re reworking for the 0d project is adding more datasets. These need to include graphs with 5,000-10,000 nodes, some synthetic and some real-world datasets. This week I’m working on finding large graphs and cleaning up the code for our project. I’m also going to be implementing some other methods to compare against ours. We’ll hopefully have a table of various methods with graph layouts for every method. We’re aiming for the Vis ’18 deadline, which only gives us 3.5 weeks, so wish us luck!

This week we’ve been revisiting the 0-dimensional PH project to submit to either Vis ’18 or TVCG. Part of this has been optimizing how the force-directed layout runs — we changed it from n^2 to n*log(n). We’ve also been working on cleaning up the code to use as part of the submission. I’m presenting our paper to the data visualization class so I’ve been taking new pictures for the project and updating my slides. This past week I visited the University of British Columbia! It was my first time in Canada and it was great. In two weeks I’ll be visiting UMD college park, and finally I’ll be done with all my visits. The Vis ’18 deadline is March 31st,[…]