These posts are coming a bit late, but I blame how hectic graduating is. Since these are being written in the future, I will try my best to recount what happened in my last few weeks of undergrad.

During this time, Dr. Rosen and I sat down and talked what should be next. I’ve officially decided to attend Tufts University to work with Remco Chang, and I’m so excited! Remco, Kristi, and Dr. Rosen are all familiar with each other (and collaborated together on various things), so it should be an easy transition for me through the summer. I’ll be working with Kristi on her work in uncertainty visualization, and hopefully I can finish the new projects I’m working on with Dr. Rosen in the Fall.

Dr. Rosen and I discussed two projects that should be completed this year: the 1-dimensional PH features project, and the 1-dimensional function simplification using PH. I’m going to work on both a bit this upcoming week and see which I prefer spending my time on this summer. I’ll let you know my decision by next week!

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