Last week I started my second-to-last semester at USF and so far I’ve met with Dr. Rosen four times to discuss the project we’re working on for CREU. Recently we found out our poster submission to Vis 2017 was accepted for presentation, and hopefully I’ll be attending the conference between October 1st-6th. Below is a video Dr. Rosen and I created for the fast forward/video preview of our project.

The next deadline we are working towards is a paper submission to IEEE PacificVis 2018. The abstract is due 9/22 and our full paper will be due 9/29. The paper we are submitting is the work done in 0-dimensions as described in our CREU proposal (and detailed in the 25-second video linked above).

So far the work I’ve done in the past week includes:
• Color coding the barcode for our force-directed graph
• Color coding the vertices based on the graph’s minimum spanning tree
• Coloring the edge that is removed for easier viewing
• Researching an edge bundling method for force-directed graphs

Currently I’m working on finding appropriate data sets to test and creating a few more user-friendly tools that I will discuss next week. Included on this post is a picture of how our barcode has been updated to reflect the associated colored vertices.

Thanks for reading!

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