Sorry to condense three weeks worth of updates into one. After Hurricane Irma hit my city things have been very hectic with power outages, getting back on schedule with courses, and preparing for traveling to Phoenix, AZ for the Vis 2017 conference.

These past few weeks Dr. Rosen and I have been working on the finishing details for the project to present at the conference. We implemented an edge-bundling technique using the algorithm described in this paper. The next visual aid I’m working on is creating “super nodes”, where I will group low persistence nodes together.

Unfortunately we missed the call for papers from PacificVis, so our next deadline we are shooting for is in December for EuroVis. I’m very confident we’ll be able to produce an interesting paper by that time. Once we have our paper on archive, the plan is to begin working on this project studying 1-dimensional features.

This week, as I mentioned earlier, I’m presenting our CREU research at the Vis conference. CREU is helping fund my trip to Phoenix and I’m so excited! I had a poster printed at my university and later this week there will be a session where anyone can come up and ask me questions. Next week I will post an update about the types of questions that I answered, and the research that particularly interested me.

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